We require that these terms of service be read and acknowledged by all customers. Be aware that premium Minecraft accounts are required to access/play on our server. A purchase of any item from this store will be considered as agreement to the terms and conditions outlined wherein. Please note that Monarch Pixelmon is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB and should not be considered a company endorsed by Mojang, AB. For more support with our virtual store, please join the server’s Discord and contact the owner.

1. Any and all items and packages purchased are final. All items sold through this store are virtual goods and are not redeemable or usable in the real world. Due to this, a no refunds/chargebacks policy is strictly enforced, unless an exception or special agreement is created between the customer and the administration team of Monarch Pixelmon.

2. Attempts to bypass or break our no refunds/chargebacks policy via filing a chargeback case will result in a permanent ban from Monarch Pixelmon and all of its related servers.

3. Customers must be over the legal age of 18 or have permission from a parent or legal guardian to make any purchases/payments to our virtual store.

4. We are not responsible for any purchased items (either purchased by yourself or a third party) that have been lost due to any of the following ingame experiences:

- A reset of the server or player data.

- A server punishment (example: mute, ban, etc.)

5. If any of the servers of Monarch Pixelmon are to ever shut down, refunds will not be available.

6. We have full access and control of perks, features, elements and contents of the purchasable goods in our store as well as ingame. Know that it is within the realm of possibility that a certain feature or element of a rank or any other sold content in our virtual store will be refined, edited to work differently, or be fixed or removed (if this is chosen to be necessary by the server’s administration team).

7. You are responsible for entering the correct username/payment information for purchases from our virtual store. If you make a purchase and the good is not delivered to you within 20 (20) minutes, please contact the owner via Discord and be prepared to supply proof of purchase so your situation can be resolved.